...like an old married couple.


tristan & his grandpa the barber.
the boy with nice hair & the odessa vodka man.
hydrangeas in the morning.


little girl with plastic beaded hair at the lottery machine.


family vacay time in miami & key west.


two of my favourite parts of london together....men in well fitted suits & pretty arcades.
good morning, leyton. that's actually not a bad name for a boy.... 'leyton.'
this is wilson. he promised to take me out to eat at ruby tuesday's.
we opened this cordon rouge because it's just been sitting on the shelves collecting dust & rust. it had gone bad...but look at the graphic design. it's so pretty.
kevin is a barber & he has perfect hair. i love it.
baby on 30 packs of natty light.


aidan & jake at avenue barber shop in downtown austin. aidan was dressed like a superhero underneath the grey cloak. he was home sick from strep throat but came to get a haircut with his dad. gregarious happy kid with missing front teeth.


white sox hat with tears.


marco, one of my cutest customers ever.
chatty cathy aka casey dalton.
the brat stole my häagen dazs.


he came back tonight with an antonio fox fur coat.

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