Save a Gato manages a colony of 150 cats living on the Paseo del Morro in Old San Juan. T/N/R (trap, neuter, release) The cats are first trapped, then neutered, vaccinated, and dewormed and returned to Paseo to live. Save a Gato also offers the option to adopt cats while they are going through T/N/R. More info on www.saveagato.com
Excited to share my first photo story with Quanta Magazine. Erich Jarvis, a neuroscientist, discusses his research on the evolution of vocal learning and speech through songbirds. Read "In Birds' Songs, Brains and Genes, He Finds Clues to Speech" at Quantamagazine.org



dean moss's 'petra' at ps122 theatre.


women's march 2018 nyc.


goodbye, haiti. i gotta go. thank you.

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