alex, he got a promotion today. he likes gin.
dmitrius, 4 years old. he's gorgeous.
hello mister topless tyler. he's 22 years old. in the summertime, a lot of customers come in & buy wife-beaters or t-shirts. wear them & throw them out through the hot days. when it's so hot, who can be bothered to do laundry,...really.
sylvie with her long blonde hair & henna tattoos and belly button piercing. she has kind eyes.
hey, bossy north korean lady who is my sister.
robert III.
his nickname is quad because he's robert IV.
met an albanian man in the upper east side named dod. he had a beautiful face. his finger waved hair matched his ice cream.
steve, our greek chef.
joe & tony, bffs @ lawerence diner in nassau county.
sebastian's annual concert at rainbow academy.
sebastian visits brooklyn (and the people we met along the way).


oscar, half serbian half italian gorgeous baby. i love him.
sergei, a russian man who gave me black sunflower seeds in brighton beach (he is holding some in his hand here.) he spoke in broken english of how america is messed up & russia too. i love his face and his hair with all that denim at dusk.
my friend had a baby & named him nico..sweetest, smartest, beautiful boy. love.

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