carly silverman in studio, brooklyn, ny.
twin dogs in the garden district, one of the most romantic neighborhoods in america.
french quarter with these locas at dusk.
michael watson at the spotted cat. ooh-la-laa.


afternoon light on an elderly lady lunching in the french quarter.
a beautiful family walking to church on mother's day in central city.
walking to church in a noice suit.
a dance party with our gracious hosts!
"america has only three cities: new york, san francisco, and new orleans. everywhere else is cleveland." -tennessee williams
reunited in kink city. porch light so clean & pretty.
women in the south have this strong & gentle presence unlike anywhere else in america. this is lela, gert's mom.
at my first crawfish broil. prince william baby & salmon/green couples.
friday the dog.
sisters eating ice cream at the farmer's market.
la casa de kelly y otto.


gsapp at moma.


rafa cuevas in new york, march 2015.


somewhere near columbus circle. this green kind of mustardy color reminds me of old literature.


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