mis padres y mi hermana en nuestra tienda de vinos y licores.


colin loughlin said...

I went there with my friend Francis, you weren't there but three people did get shot in the legs outside. They weren't there anymore, which was good. Also I got a fifth of Sky vodka and some Guinness. You sister was very nice.

Guido Elgueta said...

tu hermana esta medio rica, boluda! ja! cuidate y te veo en unos dias (o semanas)

Scott Mayoral said...

Tout le monde semblent être en coler.

Laser! Beam said...

i heard from the grape vine (aka dawn) that a new liquor store has been founded in your honor. exciting! whats this about shootings? location?

nelson said...

y tienes FERNET??!!!!!!... ojala nos veamos pronto!!
cuando mierdas aprendiste español??!

Bobo Delicious said...

your sister looks just like you! i can only imagine wat you guys are like together

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